10 Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies 2013

Enterprise software encompasses the applications that large companies use to conduct line-of-business operations such as accounting, business intelligence (BI), communication and collaboration. CIO Review brings to you CRTech10 a list of 10 high value enterprise software companies that are winning over CIOs and in turn driving growth for their clients.

Company Name

Company Description

ClickFox Customer interaction decides the fate of any business today. Customer satisfaction based on their interactions with the business eventually affects the customer retention and revenue generation for the organization.
iPatientCare US healthcare reforms have been focused on enhancing quality of care and reducing per capita costs to keep America competitive globally.
Kaseya The biggest challenge for a CIO today is to ensure their role in the company's growth is as important as the heads of sales and marketing and to ensure the adoption of newer technologies is to the betterment of the organization.
Kii MBaaS, Mobile Backend-as-a-Service, has a buzz worthy name, but it may be more than just marketing fluff. More and more market watchers and participants believe MBaaS addresses a real need; one that will exist as long as developers build mobile apps.
KIO Networks The current demand for information technology services requires a series of strategic values to compete in this global environment.
MARKETLIVE Petaluma based MarketLive is focused on serving high growth, specialty retailers and manufacturers.
OTS Solutions In today's technology world IT is one field which has taken a big leap and software development has joined this bandwagon too.
Senexx Many times in business, the simple answer to a question is right in front of you. How many times have you turned to that co-worker who always knows how to fix your computer, but her job is actually in a different domain?
Spigit Due to the increasing impact of the Internet, social interactions, and the growing acceptance of social software, organizations are reacting to new models and technologies by actively soliciting feedback as a way to meet and manage the changing expectations of employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.
Stellar Information Systems With the advancements in technology our reliance on electronic storage devises has grown dramatically over the years, with it the need for maintaining regular & timely backups.