XTIVIA: Delivering Leading Edge and Specific Professional Solutions in Different Domains

CIO Vendor The worldwide business sector has witnessed massive changes in the past year owing to technological advancements, demographic shifts, enhanced collaboration between private and public sectors and increase in number of ventures. In addition, enterprises are showing signs of recovery from the recent economic slowdown. The scenario has also brought in several challenges for business owners, as customers have high expectations. Also, organizations across the globe are searching for viable business solutions to stay ahead of the competition. In these circumstances, the spotlight is on firms like XTIVIA, who cater to the constant requirement of leading edge business solutions, irrespective of the intricacy of the task.

Established in 1992, and based in Colorado Springs, CO, the company’s services span across four main practice areas: Portals & Application Development, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and Managed Services for Databases and Application Servers. The company maintains multiyear relationships with clients, partners and employees and promotes a 100% onshore delivery model that has been very successful for XTIVIA and their clients.

There is utmost belief in partnerships at XTIVIA, and powerful collaborations with enterprise software vendors like IBM, Oracle and several open source software vendors such as Liferay and Jaspersofthave been highly productive.
In their twenty-plus years in the business, they have built numerous partner portals, multi-tenancy portals, intranets, general web applications, content management and web applications working with prestigious clients like Principal Financial Group, Huhtamaki, edimpact, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, and many more.

Addressing Specific Requirements in the Industry
Under the leadership of Dennis Robinson, CEO, XTIVIA’s Portal and Application Development services cater to the need to present personalized and pertinent content and applications to customers, partners, employees and other interested parties, thereby enabling collaboration. The Business Intelligence-Data Warehousing practice enables customers to arrive at fact-based decisions for their firms. Also, the BI-DW practice employs abest-fit model, based solutions for business analytics, data warehousing, data integration, master data management, data governance and process alignment/improvements. The latest CRM practice,from XTIVIA, addresses the client’s up-front CRM needs, data migration and product selection. Firms have the daunting task to cut down on their database spending without compromising on quality; this is where the reasonably priced DBMS from XTIVIA comes in for SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and Informix. XTIVIA has four business units providing quality enterprise solutions and services to customers across the globe.
Staying Out of the Rat Race
Since established, XTIVIA has ensured total customer satisfaction, through a customer driven approach, which relies on a deep understanding of business needs and forming a transparent and extended relationship with clients. Another aspect that has played a big role in XTIVIA’s success is the hard-core experience and belief in the “do it right the first time” way of doing business, with highly skilled professional consultants. The senior U.S. based management team with decades of industry experience has also been a reason for XTIVIA’s ascent to the top.

The Future Goals
XTIVIA plans to invest in current offerings for further enhancement. Staff empowerment at all levels, through rigorous training, consistent growth in the organization and additional acquisitions that complement the current services, form the basis of future plans for XTIVIA.


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