SLM Sistemas: Game Changers in Cloud Computing

CIO VendorGonzalo Manuel AraujoCabarcas, CEO
By 2020, the global cloud computing sector is expected to grow to about $270 billion, at about 30 percent CAGR. New ventures are expected to come up in large numbers, and several existing ventures are in for further expansion. However, in route to progress, few concerns such as dominance of certain large companies, lack of flexibility while catering to small/medium clients and inability to provide non-specific solutions are troubling the travel to the cloud. Addressing these concerns is the Latin American company SLM Sistemas, a developer of custom technology services with proven expertise in B2B and providing end-to-end solutions that are customer-specific. The company brings solutions in the domains of Virtual Desktop,Cloud Computing, eLearning, eHealth, eCommerce&Communications, eSecurity and technology consulting.

Since its inception in 2000 by Gonzalo Manuel AraujoCabarcas, CEO, the firm has set up offices in Bogotá (Colombia), Miami (USA) and Caracas (Venezuela), and is headquartered at Mexico. Over the years, SLM Sistemas has catered to several premier organizations such as Kio Networks, Banamex (Citibank Group),Parmalat, ServiOptica, among several others.

SLM has been characterized during these 13 years by releasing different unique solutions to the segment of Cloud Computing, automating all the tasks required to enable users to obtain an unprecedented experience on the way to the cloud and all its benefits.
Among the most important achievements of the company, we can highlight two solutions,the SLM Market, which is a orchestrator and provisioning platform that handles hybrid clouds from a single and easy to use web portal, being the only product that is agnostic of vendor (works with all of them) and delivering easy access to all the power and complexity of virtualization and cloud infrastructure,right to the end user hands.

The second great solution is the GaleonVDI, a complete suite of tools to work on desktops in the cloud, bringing users and applications to the cloud, without complications and in minutes, simplifying concepts like virtual offices, hospitals in the cloud, telecommuting and many others.

Definitely in Latin America, SLM Sistemas is the most important company in developing innovative solutions that change the way we live, work and communicate.SLM competes with the giants of the global technology market, but being flexible and versatile this company has been able to conquer a lot of companies, leading the adoption of cloud-based solutions.

The company brings solutions in the domains of Virtual Desktop, Cloud Computing, Learning, eHealth, eCommerce & Communications, eSecurity and technology consulting

SLM Sistemas

Caracas, Miranda

Gonzalo Manuel AraujoCabarcas, CEO

A provider of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Cloud Computing solutions for SMB and Enterprises.