ClearPoint Strategy: Effortless Management Reporting

Ted Jackson Effective management reporting is critical for the success of organizations around the world. Management reports are used daily to help leadership teams make decisions on key strategic and operational issues. Yet, these very reports are often late, contradictory, or just plain wrong.

Why? Because management reporting is a broken process that hasn’t caught up with today’s management technologies. Typically, management reports are compiled by a team that copies and pastes information from a range of business systems, emails, presentations, and other sources. This process is lengthy and error-prone, with significant risks for transcription errors and incorrect data. Version control and data integrity introduce even more communications risks for important leadership presentations.

Because strategic information is not available for timely access, management meetings frequently become debate sessions about the numbers rather than informing crucial decisions. Not only is reporting delayed but the format can be confusing and lack appropriate history for decision making.
ClearPoint was created to solve this problem. ClearPoint is a cloud-based management reporting application that allows organizations to easily produce their strategic, operational, and management reports. With an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface, managers can quickly design new (or replicate existing) management reports. With ClearPoint, organizations can centralize powerful information for reporting. Each individual with reporting responsibility can conveniently access the system to update with current data as it becomes available. Reports no longer wait until the last possible minute because managers and executives can log in at any time to see information, analysis, and recommendations in real time.

Leadership meetings can feel like an expensive waste of time.

Built By Managers, For Managers

The founders of ClearPoint, graduates of Harvard Business School and the Sloan School of Management at MIT, have a passion for effective strategy and reporting with over 30 years of experience providing management consulting services to global organizations. Their unique perspective has driven the development of asimple drag-and-drop interface for ClearPoint.

“There’s no need for an expensive and complex IT project to configure ClearPoint. Similar to standard office software such as PowerPoint, this system puts the control in the user’s hands with accessible reports that seamlessly integrate qualitative and quantitative data,” says Dylan Miyake, co-Founder of ClearPoint Strategy, and head of ClearPoint’s development team.
“The business case for ClearPoint is also compelling,” states Ted Jackson, co-Founder of ClearPoint, and leader of ClearPoint’s sales team. “Our clients have been able to reduce their management reporting headcount by as much as a factor of ten – while producing better and more accurate reports.” With ClearPoint, there’s no longer a management reporting bottleneck. Instead, it’s a competitive advantage.”

The target market for ClearPoint is global businesses and organizations with more than $50M in revenue. For these organizations, effective, strategic reporting is especially critical to their success. ClearPoint also serves a sizable client base in the not-for-profit sector supporting effective reporting systems for municipal, nonprofit, and K-12 education.

The Future of ClearPoint

As management evolves, ClearPoint will evolve with it. According to Dylan Miyake, “ClearPoint will continue to innovate to meet our customer needs. Input and feedback from our customers create a partnership to inform our ongoing enhancements.” In early March 2014, ClearPoint will have released ClearPoint 7.0 that will make the management reporting process even more effortless.

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Ted Jackson and Dylan N. Miyake

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