Brillio: Helping Businesses Transform to Improve Business Efficiency and Agility

Raj Mamodia, CEO Brillio is global technology consulting firm focused on leveraging emerging technologies for innovation and application modernization in the Banking & Finance, Utilities, CPG, Retail, technology, Media and Entertainment Industries.

We are focused on improving competitive advantage for our global customers by rapidly and effectively deploying innovation in technology. What sets up apart is our customer-centric culture, long history of reliable IT delivery and our disproportionate investments in innovation allowing us to significantly improve business efficiency and agility.

“At Brillio, we rely on the “how” of what we do in order to differentiate in a crowded market space,” stated Raj. “Our culture and all company processes are focused on one goal –driving deep relationships with our customers by investing the time and resources into understanding not only their business, but their industry challenges and drivers. This is how we mobilize to provide measurable business value to them.”
Helping Companies to Build a New Tomorrow, Today

The Brillio solution approach is to go to market through the lens of industry practices. By doing so, we are able to develop and deploy business solutions which address specific problems for customers in selected industries. We do that by offering services and solutions in the following areas:

• Reinventing efficiency to reduce IT costs and improving alignment for business services including application operations and infrastructure, application modernization and technology refresh, and independent testing.

• Improving enterprise agility to ensure that our customers respond rapidly to their customers and market change. Services include mobility and e-commerce, information management, cloud enablement, application development, SAP and analytics, enterprise collaboration and social.

• Innovating for growth by bringing state-of-the-art strategies to our customers faster so they can serve their customers more rapidly. Services include business technology consulting, analytics advisory, mobility advisory, partner products and services. We leverage our technology and innovation offices for expertise in all engagements.

By leveraging emerging technologies to create competitive advantage in a changing market, Brillio works in collaboration with global Fortune 1000 companies to identifyan innovation roadmap for growth.
Brillio has the agility and a dynamic business model to quickly address the needs of any size organization to help them quickly engage and respond to their customer needs by reducing IT costs, driving improved alignmentby process maturity and automation capability.

Brillio’s industry expertise includes:

Banking, Financial Servicesand Insurance - Compliance and regulatory pressure, downward pressure on profitability/focus on return on equity and focus on FSI customers’ “digital life”.

Utilities - Supporting drive for increased efficiency and cost control goals, new technologies implementation like smart grid, and meeting regulatory requirements.

Technology/CPG/Retail - Focus on innovation for new breakthrough products and revenue growth, support for always-on apps, data and services, and finally ensuring error-free products.

Looking towards the future, Raj commented, “Brillio will continue to grow and partner with new acquisitions, the opening of an innovation lab in Palo Alto to explore emerging technologies and continuing to build our domain expertise through a strong business consulting practice. Most importantly, we will invest in our customer-centric culture with the tools necessary to empower our employees to continue to drive business value for our customers.”


Jersey City, NJ

Raj Mamodia, CEO

A global technology consulting firm focused on leveraging emerging technologies for innovation and application modernization in the Banking & Finance, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology, Media and Entertainment Industries.