AgreeYa Solutions: Delivering a Competitive Advantage through its Innovative Solutions

The need for management to effectively engage with employees and customers has gained prominence recently, along with the challenge of increasing productivity and creating a space to discover and leverage its employee knowledge base. These obstacles, along with managing an increasingly mobile workforce, are prompting more questions than ever for the C suite. Business leaders are under pressure to find solutions, and with that comes the demand for a trusted partner who can not only cater to the above issues but also quickly and seamlessly implement their products and services.

Enter AgreeYa Solutions, a global provider of software, solutions, and services, focused on deploying business-driven, technology-enabled solutions that create next-generation competitive advantages for customers. Founded by leaders from global systems integration firms, AgreeYa is a growing and dynamic organization that delivers change through innovation. “We are able to deliver solutions to the most challenging business and technological issues facing our clients,” adds Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner at AgreeYa Solutions. Armed with a wide range of software ,solutions, and services, Agree is in unique position to address the many pain points by enterprise today.

Armed with a wide range of software, solutions, and services, AgreeYa is in a unique position to address the many pain points faced by enterprises today

Because it has found ways to enable enterprises to quickly adapt to changes in their environment and maintain a competitive advantage, AgreeYa has become a global leader in software solutions in the SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) space. The firm, which is based in Folsom, CA, works with customers in the energy/utility, healthcare, public sector, technology and telecommunications sectors across the U.S., Canada, India, China, Europe and South Korea to deliver innovative software solutions.

AgreeYa Solutions’ diverse portfolio includes its proprietary software, SocialXtend, an enterprise social collaboration and intranet solution built on Microsoft SharePoint; VDIXtend, a desktop-on-the-cloud service that enables anytime, anywhere, any device access to your desktop(s); Onvelop, a mobile platform for unified enterprise collaboration and communication; and Edvelop, a mobile platform for 21st century learning, enabling single-window collaboration and communication.
The company’s practices cover portal and enterprise collaboration, mobility, cloud and infrastructure, and team augmentation, all of which help companies of all sizes, across industries, around the globe improve business efficiency and enhance organizational performance.

In the words of Ajay, “It is our will to do right by the customer by engaging as partners leveraging our global butlocal delivery model, our proprietary engagement methodology and our innovative solutions that deliver more productive workforces, better decision-making and an improved bottom line.”

The Vision

AgreeYa's vision since its inception has been to be recognized in the markets they serve as a leading global provider of technology and business solutions through innovation, commitment, and talent.

The company’s main intention is to alleviate IT and software challenges from its clients. AgreeYa Solutions is focused on offering an accelerated return on investment and intends to continue providing intuitive, user-friendly solutions that make organizations and employees more efficient, engaged and productive— ultimately helping clients meet all of their business goals.

AgreeYa Solutions

A provider of software, solutions and services, offering unique solutions in the SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) space. The firm also provides product engineering, application development and management, independent software testing and team augmentation services.