KIO Networks: Simplifying the Complexity of Hiring Services for the Final Customer

CIO Vendor The current demand for information technology services requires a series of strategic values to compete in this global environment. From the past eleven years the Mexican IT critical mission company, KIO Networks, has been providing solutions that are customer-oriented, innovative and creatively focused on achieving results. The Mexican company delivers high degree technological integration from the data center and infrastructure to platform, software and business process as a service (SaaS), within the safest, most modern and reliable data centers in Latin America "We are the most reliable, innovative, agile and consistent partner, maintaining our operational flexibility at all times. We offer tailored and personalized support to the particular needs of each and every one of our customers," adds Sergio Rosengaus, CEO of KIO Networks.

From the very beginning, KIO Networks has been expanding and specializing its range of services in multiple platforms, while aggressively advancing its international presence, and integrating a group of specialized companies under its brand name. With this display KIO Networks encompasses diverse market segments and service models, thus allowing it to answer to large corporations, governments and SMEs.

KIO Networks' Cloud proposition spans from multiplatform infrastructure services to specialized business processes for the public and private sectors by means of a specialized business division. The company differentiates itself from the rest of the competition by offering a high degree of technological integration which is secure, available at ease and ensures continuity and confidentiality. The other important feature is that is its straightforward, easygoing nature of doing business.
From the most sophisticated and complex solutions to the XaaS products, all KIO Networks services deliver business agility, flexibility, competitiveness and high quality attributes. KIO Networks differs from its competition through the quality of its services, providing its clients the best and safest TIER IV processing centers, a state-of-the art integration of outsourcing services and solutions, to on-demand service models and highly competitive costs.

Meeting the Demands of Diverse Industries

Its proposition covers practically all sectors and industries. In today's globalized and competitive world, governments and businesses require constant and continuous agility, flexibility, elasticity, competitiveness, and quality in the delivery of technological services. Although KIO Networks has a solid presence in the financial Industry, it has also developed solutions for manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics and distribution. With Latin America's dynamism and economic growth, KIO Networks visualizes great opportunities not just in these countries' capitals, but also in several of their regions and provinces.

KIO Networks continues its solid progress to expand and consolidate its regional and global leadership, while establishing its leading role in the world of on-demand services. This will be possible by providing Infrastructure horizontal solutions IaaS, the vertical specialization of software and business processes supply, "in memory" solutions, big data, mobility solutions, and final users and social network support. With a cutting edge proposition and diverse solutions, applicable to industries and sectors of all sizes, and with certified, orchestrated and automated management models, KIO Networks visualizes its leadership role to strongly compete in a global scale in the near future.

KIO Networks

The current demand for information technology services requires a series of strategic values to compete in this global environment.