Windows PC-Based Machine Automation

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Windows PC-Based Machine Automation

As software-based machine control begins to replace expensive hardware solutions, more organizations are weighing their options for soft motion vendors.

In this comparison matrix, we break down the critical features and capabilities of 5 top soft motion providers:

  • Adlink PCI-8366

  • Galil DMC – 18x6 Series

  • ACS Motion – SpiiPlusSC HP

  • Aerotech A3200

  • KINGSTAR Soft Motion

Learn how each of these offerings stacks up against 5 key dimensions, including real-time OS (RTOS) with Windows, basic motion control, the ability to support the soft motion and EtherCAT Fieldbus, and cost.

If you’re considering a soft motion system, download “Windows PC-Based Machine Automation: A Comparison of Motion Control with EtherCAT Fieldbus Offerings” today.

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