PubNub and IBM Bring Data Streaming and Messaging Capabilities to Bluemix
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PubNub and IBM Bring Data Streaming and Messaging Capabilities to Bluemix

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 24, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: PubNub, a provider of data stream networks has announced its partnership with IBM to bring in data streaming and messaging capabilities to IBM’s cloud development platform, Bluemix.

The partnership will enable Bluemix customers to leverage PubNub so as to deliver large scale real-time IoT, web, and mobile solutions with reliability and in a secured way. Through this, Bluemix developers can add necessary features like remote device control, firmware upgrades and device provisioning into IoT. Besides this, the developers can connect scale, and manage real-time applications and IoT devices through the PubNub’s data streaming capabilities that are made available through Software development kits.

The cloud service delivers help clients to deploy new services faster; allows developers to build them with greater speed; and offers IT departments more creative, efficient and lower-cost ways to deliver these services. PubNub’s globally secure data stream network allows developers to focus on app features and functionality, accelerating time to market while forgoing expensive and risky investments in homegrown communication infrastructure.

 “Today’s app and connected devices require an always-on connection, but building a secure, scalable solution from the ground up is time consuming, resource intensive, and error-prone. PubNub enables web, mobile and IoT developers building apps on IBM Bluemix to quickly add scalable realtime functionality with minimal effort and cost,” says Todd Greene, CEO, PubNub.